Your plancha and you : A story for life!

To avoid excessive consumption of resources and to protect the environment, Maison LE Marquier is offering a sustainable solution: our lifetime warranty.

How the warranty works

What is the lifetime warranty?

The warranty applies to all our plancha - French griddle models marketed from January 1, 2020.
Each plancha - French griddle is tested, heated up and signed by the worker who assembled it.
This is a genuine guarantee of the quality of our cooking appliances!
The lifetime warranty applies to the enameled cast-iron plate and stainless steel burners. This warranty applies to domestic use under normal operating conditions. Damage caused by impact, misuse or professional use is not included in the warranty.
For other parts for your plancha - French griddle and appliances purchased before January 1, 2020, please refer to the table below.

How do I make a claim under the warranty?

My appliance is no longer under warranty. Can I have it repaired?

What warranties does my appliance come with?

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