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Electric griddles for every space

Ideal for small spaces, balconies, terraces
In urban environments, they are a simple and safe outdoor cooking solution, adapted to the standards of condominium regulations. Choose the electric plancha for your balcony or terrace and enjoy a moment of conviviality with family or friends.

Functional indoors and out
In your kitchen or outdoor space, LE MARQUIER electric planchas find their place harmoniously in any season. With their stainless steel chassis or steel-stainless steel duo, they are resistant to the elements as well as to corrosion; those in satin-finish stainless steel are even resistant to sea air.

  • Plancha électrique inox 160 The French electric plancha

    With a very small footprint for small spaces, urban par excellence.

  • Plancha électrique Allure The Allure Inox Edition plancha

    With high-efficiency technology combining speed and power of temperature rise

  • Plancha inox électrique To cook all types of food

    On an enameled cast iron or stainless steel griddle, ideal materials for preparing a wide variety of recipes

Plancha électrique en inox

A professional-quality all-stainless steel range

Succumb to the professional quality of the Inox Electric Plank and its unique, refined design. Designed in collaboration with the Peugeot Design Lab it has an incomparable aesthetic, with modern, sober and elegant lines.

Its performance promises extremely rapid heating, retributing all the flavors and pleasure of controlled, balanced cooking. The taste, smell and appearance of food are preserved and undergo no alteration.

Stainless steel perfectly meets all food hygiene requirements, thanks to its smooth, inert surface, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and mould. With high resistance to corrosion, impact and UV, stainless steel guarantees great durability. It is easy to clean on a daily basis, and presents itself as the "green material" par excellence, recyclable ad infinitum.

Cooking performance as powerful as gas!

Rapid temperature rise and even heat distribution.

A super-fast temperature rise from 0° to 300°C

LE MARQUIER electric planchas guarantee the same cooking power as gas planchas, thanks to their innovative radiant system. In complete safety, this technology ensures ultra-fast temperature rise, from 0° to 300°C in just a few minutes, as well as even heat distribution across the entire surface of the griddle. Cook tasty savory or sweet dishes with ease and precision , thanks to ergonomic, graduated control knobs.

With undeniable culinary qualities

On enameled cast-iron plates with incomparable inertia or on elegant, perfectly smooth satin-finish stainless steel (304) plates, electric plancha cooking offers undeniable culinary qualities. Reveal the flavor of food and preserve its appearance, thanks to non-stick coatings. Healthy and dietetic, it requires little or no added fat, does not alter dishes and allows the Maillard effect, a rapid caramelization of juices, obtained by searing food quickly at high temperature.

Description de la plancha électrique LE MARQUIER
Plancha modulable

Modular electric griddles

The choice of an electric plancha on cart or sideboard

70% of our planchas are sold in the Edition version, with cart and protective cover. Treat yourself to extra work space and additional storage, with our ingenious and functional desserts. Practical and elegant, they're easy to move around. Their mobility is ideal for ensuring that your electric plancha fits perfectly into your outdoor space.

An independent protective cover

65% of our planchas are sold with a protective lid. Preserve your hob by keeping it clean and sheltered when you're not using it, by adding this element that will harmoniously complete your set. During cooking, the open lid transforms into a credenza, protecting your environment from splatters (not to be used for steaming, a process for which the use of our cloches is recommended).


The price of a quality electric griddle made in France

Made in France is a matter of course for Maison LE MARQUIER. Proud of its 50 years of know-how and excellence, it defends its values and its commitment to producing OFG (Origine France Garantie)certified planchas. Manufactured just outside Bayonne by our passionate teams, all our planchas are assembled, tested and heated, before leaving the factory.

Our high-end electric planchas benefit from responsible, local design. Our insistence on producing high-quality, robust equipment is the assurance of long-term satisfaction. Convinced of the performance of our appliances, we offer warranties over several years, including some for life on specific components* of our planchas marketed since January 1, 2020.

Qualité de nos planchas électriques

The advantages of an electric griddle

  • Homogeneous, high-performance cooking

    Ultra-fast heating - Instant seizure - Radiant technology for powerful, even heating - Timing by heating zone (Allure models) - Flavor preservation - Precise thermostat settings

  • Resistance and reliability

    IPX4 - Satin-finish stainless steel frame (304) - Resistant to weather, corrosion, shocks, sea air - Made in France - Lifetime warranty* - Top-of-the-range materials - Long-term maintenance packages

    *Electric plancha warranties - Lifetime warranty: enamelled cast-iron plate - 10-year warranty: stainless steel plate / satin+ stainless steel frame (Allure and Electrica) - 5-year warranty: stainless steel frame (Inox plancha) / 2-year warranty: radiants and heating elements / steel/stainless steel frame (Plancha Française and Signature Allure Duo)

  • Fast, easy cleaning

    Cleaning after cooking in just a few minutes - Maintenance with water, LE MARQUIER cleaner-degreaser and stainless steel ball - Non-stick surface - Cooking juice collection tray - Tilting plate

  • Ideal in urban environments

    Compliant with condominium safety standards - Free-standing or cart-mounted - Suitable for small spaces - Electrically powered - Easy on/off - Safe radiant technology - No bulky gas cylinder to purchase separately - No risk of running out of fuel.