A truly beautiful story

The LE MARQUIER adventure began in 1971, in a wrought-iron workshop in Bayonne, in the heart of the Basque Country, a land of conviviality and generosity par excellence.

1971 Our Birth

LE MARQUIER was born on Rue Pontrique in Bayonne, in a wrought-iron workshop. Our founder, Guy COURS, soon took the products he created in his workshop to Paris. Customers were quick to respond, and soon, LE MARQUIER products were being sold in stores in Paris.

Our Birth
1986 The birth of the vertical cooking charcoal grill

This was a big change for our small business. After creating accessories for the world of fire, the first outdoor kitchen products were born.

The invention of the vertical charcoal grill by LE MARQUIER
1989 The evolution of the workshop

To cope with its growing success, LE MARQUIER moved from the artisanal to the industrial stage, mechanizing the manufacture of its charcoal grills and fireplace accessories in a new 5,000 m2 workshop in Saint-Martin-de-Seignanx.

The evolution of the workshop
1995 The launch of the first plancha - French griddle

The idea for the plancha - French griddle came from observing the cooking system used at village festivals in the region. The local inhabitants used a simple stove (for sterilizing homemade preserves) and a metal plate for cooking. LE MARQUIER wasted no time in developing this cooking system for use by consumers, and soon advertised it in France under the name plancha - French griddle.

The invention of the plancha - French griddle
2013 Origine France Garantie certification

LE MARQUIER affirms its position as a pioneer and is proud to have obtained the Origine France Garantie label for the manufacture of its charcoal grills and planchas - French griddles (with the exception of the charcoal grills in the VULCAIN ACIER and TRAEGER ranges). A guarantee of quality and expertise!

Origine France Garantie certification
2017 Legacy

Régis FLUSIN and Bruno MABILLE, two long-time friends with complementary backgrounds, took over the reins of LE MARQUIER on March 1st. Preserving French expertise was our goal and an obvious choice for both of us!

Who are they? Régis FLUSIN was behind the launch of the Weber Charcoal Grills brand in Europe. Bruno is the former General Secretary of the Éditions Gallimard publishing group.


While remaining on a human scale, the brand is also maturing and growing. LE MARQUIER has adopted a new brand identity and remains true to its DNA: Conviviality - Excellence - Passion. This fine heritage is what makes LE MARQUIER such a strong brand!