Products for life

With lifetime warranties on enameled cast-iron plates and stainless steel burners, and no planned obsolescence, LE MARQUIER products are built to last, with remarkable strength and quality.

Certified quality

Certified Origine France Garantie, Le Marquier planchas - French griddles, charcoal grills and fireplace accessories are the result of applying the highest quality standards to the materials we select and to our manufacturing process.

This is why OFG certification was a priority for Le Marquier, which obtained this certification in 2013. This clear guarantee of quality recognizes the work of the 48 qualified people who make up our workshop.

Origine France Garantie
Offering the highest quality

That's our philosophy! We have been manufacturing high-quality products since 1971, and we're committed to quality management through our competent after-sales service.

We therefore offer the users of our planchas - French griddles a lifetime warranty on enameled cast-iron cooking plates and stainless steel burners, and a 10-year warranty on marine stainless steel components.

High Quality
Refurbishing your plancha - French griddle

To ensure that all our customers are completely satisfied, LE MARQUIER offers a repair service that allows you to refurbish your plancha - French griddle, even after 20 years! The product which they have owned and used for so long, and which still works perfectly, will delight their children or their friends.

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