The French expertise !

Seven trades of excellence in the spotlight, a tribute to our blacksmiths, designers, punchers, welders, assembly workers, painters and pistoleers in our 7,000 m2 workshop. Our aim is to offer you the best!


At the origin of every one of our creations, there is a designer who draws their inspiration from the moment, from their culture and from their everyday environment. Because a good design is only the first step, we also carefully test and select the materials we use, in order to ensure the quality and beauty of our products.

Punch press

Once the products have been designed and configured on the CNC-controlled machine, our punchers cut and shape each part with precision.


For parts that can only be shaped by the human hand, our LE MARQUIER blacksmiths work the metal with anvil and hammer, in the authentic tradition of the forge. This expertise has been nurtured within our company for almost 50 years.


We pay attention to every detail, and we can do all our welding on site. Our specialist welders do spectacular work.


Color is also applied to LE MARQUIER products in the workshop. After cleaning and phosphating the components, our painters apply powder paint with electrostatic spray guns. The piece is then kiln-fired at 250°C to ensure long-lasting quality and strength.

Assembly worker

Up to 70 parts can go into the assembly of a single plancha - French griddle. All of these components are assembled by hand. Once finished, each product is tested and inspected before being signed by the LE MARQUIER worker who assembled it. This is a great responsibility, but it's also a source of pride!


For optimum quality, the cooking plates on our LE MARQUIER planchas - French griddles are enameled by hand in the workshops of our French partner. This meticulous work is carried out mainly by the women we call "pistoleers." This expertise in enameling guarantees that LE MARQUIER planchas - French griddles are durable and offer an exceptional cooking experience.