Discover LE MARQUIER factory thanks to virtual tour

We bring your sofa into our factory !

09 April 2024
Photo actualité Discover LE MARQUIER factory thanks to virtual tour

LE MARQUIER factory comes to you !

We are delighted to open the virtual doors of our factory, where Le Marquier's iconic planchas, barbecues, fire pits, kitchens, and other heating accessories come to life. Join us in this 360° experience made possible by our partner FranceImmersive, immersing you right into the heart of our manufacturing process.

At the onset of this adventure, you'll witness the precision cutting process. Utilizing high-precision laser machines, each piece is meticulously cut to our rigorous standards, ensuring the quality of our products while optimizing the use of our raw materials to the fullest extent.

Next, your attention will be drawn to our folding workshops, where our teams skillfully transform steel and stainless steel. This is where the sturdy structure that characterizes our planchas, serving carts, or kitchen furniture, for example, takes shape, ready to withstand the test of time and accompany you during your outdoor gatherings.

The journey continues through our painting circuit. Our operators ensure the proper functioning of the machinery. The "sprayers" execute precise movements, as their guns disperse a fine powder of color onto the product's surface. Washing, drying, painting, and baking are essential steps for each product. It's a guarantee of quality and durability, ensuring our equipment maintains an allure as appealing as it is functional.

You'll also have the opportunity to meet our welding experts, whose exceptional craftsmanship allows for the assembly of various components. It is thanks to their expertise that our products offer unparalleled resistance, even in the most demanding conditions.

Next, you can visit the assembly and packaging stations. Each assembler is responsible for the complete assembly of their product and conducting various mandatory functionality tests before packaging. Packaging ensures our products are well-protected during transport.

Finally, our virtual tour offers special moments with key players in our company. You'll hear inspiring testimonials from those who work tirelessly every day to make Le Marquier a reference in the world of outdoor equipment. Their passion and dedication are the foundations upon which our success rests.

We are proud to share our artisanal heritage and commitment to excellence with you. We hope this experience leaves you as excited about the future of our brand and products as we are. Welcome to our universe!

The virtual tour : click here !

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