18L Ash Vacuum Cleaner with Declogging Feature
18L Ash Vacuum Cleaner with Declogging Feature

Vacuum cleaner 18L ASH VACUUM CLEANER WITH DECLOGGING FEATURE REF : ASP100 / EAN13 : 3339380142213

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Vacuum cleaner

This fireplace vacuum cleaner is used to take up the cold ashes after burning wood logs in your fireplace. It consists of a tank with lid, and a motor and filter. For easily maintaining your fireplace by regularly cleaning the ashes that clog up your system and reduce its efficiency and lifespan. With this 1200-watt ash vacuum cleaner, the tedious chore of cleaning up with a broom and dustpan is over! 

Make way for regular, simplified maintenance to keep your living room clean and your fireplace in perfect working order.