Chestnut Pan - Red Handle

Cooking with fire CHESTNUT PAN - RED HANDLE REF : MAR22 / EAN13 : 3339380092792

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Cooking with fire

Our chestnut pan will bring back memories of your early childhood. Fill the pan with split chestnuts and set it over glowing embers. After cooking for fifteen minutes, turning regularly, you'll be able to enjoy your hot chestnuts, which will fill your living room with their nostalgic scent, to the delight of young and old alike, for a warm moment full of memories. Relive your childhood memories! After a delicious red meat dish cooked in the fireplace, what could be better than some hot chestnuts cooked in our special fireplace chestnut pan.

Here's a tip: to remove the shells from the chestnuts more easily, after cooking them in the fireplace, let them rest for ten minutes in newspaper.